Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Henna on Rosemarie

This is my very first henna. Here is my inspiration.
 Pretty trees.
My cousin Lindsey got an anchor tattoo this past summer. Rosemarie was obsessed with anchors on her foot after that.
 Peace sign flowers inspired by this.

 I have done this design several times. I'm in love with it on the foot like this. Inspiration here.
 I don't remember where I found the inspiration for this one.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Henna on Katee

This is my first born, Katee. As you can imagine, she loves henna too.
This was the first piece I hennaed on Katee.
 This is one of my favorites. Here is the inspiration.
Henna fingerstache.
This butterfly was inspired by the Kid Cancer Crusade butterfly.
Katee wanted a rose like the one from the Beauty and the Beast.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Soup and Henna

Last Sunday the family went over to our friends house for dinner. I was told several times to make sure I had henna with me. Dinner was great as was the company. And I always enjoy henna.

This is Darla's upper arm. Here is the inspiration.

This is Shannon's lower arm. This is the third dream catcher I have done in henna. I really like how they have turned out. I didn't expect to be able to recreate a dream catcher so well.

This is Kyle's lower arm. I really push my limits on this one. This is what he asked for. I think I was able to recreate it pretty well without any practice.

Then of course Rosemarie and her friend needed some henna too. I need to practice hello kitty more I think.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer weather in the middle of March?!?

It was unseasonably warm here for about a week. I really enjoyed soaking up some sun and spending some quality time with some henna.

Here's Shannon's leg piece that wraps around her leg.

 It was right before St. Patrick's Day so I added some shamrocks.

 This was my first attempt at a dream catcher. On my thigh.

I did this on my other thigh. 

Right arm
Right shoulder
Right collar

Henna on Lindsey.

Henna on Lizzie's arm.

 Here's Kim's lower leg

and Aunt Kathy's arm.

Unfortunately the temperature has dropped back to normal early spring weather here. I guess I'll have to wait to henna outside again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Craft Show

I love henna. Probably not a shocker, I know. This warm weather has made for an afternoon of sitting outside hennaing. I used a whole cone of henna in less than a week. I can't wait til summer. I expect I and every one in my family will have henna from head to toe.

Last Saturday was my first craft show...first time of ever hennaing for profit. I was really nervous, scared, and freaked out by the whole idea of having to decide upon a price for what I do. I spent the last couple weeks printing out pieces I've done to put in a binder; which included practicing several designs to get good pictures of them. I also had some business cards made. I had henna cones made up in the freezer from a couple months ago so all I had to do was remember to take them with me.
 It didn't take me long to get my area set up. I did a little henna on my while I waited for people to arrive.
 I love this tree. I think I may have gotten someone addicted to henna here. She is already talking about when she's having a henna party.

 Kenna is the nickname of this lady's daughter. She has wanted to get a real tattoo on her wrist...this was a good test to see if she'd like it.

I did this sun on my cousin who came out to support me. This was my inspiration.

Over all I think I did well. Hennaed a few people but more importantly I have the first show/party out of the way.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Henna on Rosemarie

I'm a sucker when it comes to hennaing Rosemarie. She is my favorite canvas.
This is where I found the inspiration (the last picture on the second row).
My sister suggested I add a who/when/where description to each picture. She has much more experience with blogging so I'll take her suggestions. All of the henna pictured in this post is done on Rosemarie, my daughter. The pictures are posted in chronological order starting October 2011 ending January 2012. As for the "where" description, the top picture was on her leg. The lotus leave above was quite obviously on her hand.
 For this one, Rosemarie asked for hello kitty (one of her favs) and the word "love" on her lower arm. I think it turned out fairly well considering I've never drawn hello kitty.
When you're a little girl with no hair it's hard to make your head look girly. Rosemarie has never felt comfortable with wigs, head bands, or hats on her bare head. I've heard from others that cancer patients often have sensitive heads. I have on more than one occasion hennaed Rosemarie's head. This is not my best attempt but it is the only one I have photographed. Rosemarie wanted a shooting star.
 I can't remember where the inspiration for this one came from.
Rosemarie wanted this to travel from her had to her arm but she was tired and was having a hard time sitting still so one flower on her hand is what it ended up being.
Another one on Rosemarie's hand. She likes me to add the word "love" to everything.
This is the extension of the swirls on her hand. Rosemarie was really wanting a lot of henna so she got it.
Here's a pretty butterfly on Rosemarie's foot.
This is one of the most recent hennas I did on Rosemarie. I am working on drawing letters. The inspiration for the R came from here somewhere.