Thursday, February 23, 2012

Henna on Rosemarie

I'm a sucker when it comes to hennaing Rosemarie. She is my favorite canvas.
This is where I found the inspiration (the last picture on the second row).
My sister suggested I add a who/when/where description to each picture. She has much more experience with blogging so I'll take her suggestions. All of the henna pictured in this post is done on Rosemarie, my daughter. The pictures are posted in chronological order starting October 2011 ending January 2012. As for the "where" description, the top picture was on her leg. The lotus leave above was quite obviously on her hand.
 For this one, Rosemarie asked for hello kitty (one of her favs) and the word "love" on her lower arm. I think it turned out fairly well considering I've never drawn hello kitty.
When you're a little girl with no hair it's hard to make your head look girly. Rosemarie has never felt comfortable with wigs, head bands, or hats on her bare head. I've heard from others that cancer patients often have sensitive heads. I have on more than one occasion hennaed Rosemarie's head. This is not my best attempt but it is the only one I have photographed. Rosemarie wanted a shooting star.
 I can't remember where the inspiration for this one came from.
Rosemarie wanted this to travel from her had to her arm but she was tired and was having a hard time sitting still so one flower on her hand is what it ended up being.
Another one on Rosemarie's hand. She likes me to add the word "love" to everything.
This is the extension of the swirls on her hand. Rosemarie was really wanting a lot of henna so she got it.
Here's a pretty butterfly on Rosemarie's foot.
This is one of the most recent hennas I did on Rosemarie. I am working on drawing letters. The inspiration for the R came from here somewhere.

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  1. awesome! but haha... because the "where" I was talking about was in reference to "we were on vacation..." or "at my house" lol. not location on the body. :) hehe. I like the last photo here - very cool!