Monday, February 20, 2012


My younger daughter, Rosemarie, is five. She is most definitely my hero.
Four and a half years ago she was diagnosed with cancer.

She has had to fight every day of her life since. BUT she does it with flare. She doesn't let cancer bring her down. Rosemarie inspires me to be a better person because she is so amazing.
She loves life every chance she gets. 


I have probably done more henna on Rosemarie than on any other person. She is the first person I hennaed. 
 Here is the inspiration. 


  1. I somewhat "know" Princess Rosemarie through my FB friendship with Kathy. I love this little girl and she, too, is my hero.

    I have a great neice, Emma, that was diagnosed 4 years ago at the age of 5 months with a brain tumor.

    I understand the daily struggles, the heartbreak and I see how brave and uplifting these girls are. They both are truly and sincerely heroes in every since of the word.

    I pray for each of them every day.

    ....and for their families.

  2. I have been watching for our Little (((((Princess)))))) for quite some time, getting to know her through her Aunt Kathy.I think she is the Bomb and pretty much rules every roost she comes in contact with, esp the Doctors that demand her Manicures. Pray for her and your whole family quite often and think about you all daily. XOXOXO

    P.S. Love all your Henna jobs I have been able to see as well.

    Donna Ingram

  3. I too have been following her progress through her aunt Kathy! She really is one tough cookie, an every bit the princess she deserves to be.