Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Blog Post Ever

I have spent the last several hours figuring out how to use blogger/setting up my account/figuring out if I can add pics to my blog from my phone. So far for all I've done I can't get pictures directly on my blog from my phone. I'm really hoping to get things worked out in the next few days with help from my sister.

Anyways, here is the most recent henna I've done (the only picture I had the patients to load on my laptop). This was my inspiration.


  1. so I wander if I can post the pictures you did of mine on here...

  2. Pretty awesome! Way to blog Roseann!! PS make sure to tell us when and who you henna'd! :) Thanks for not choosing the black background blog setting! Did you set up the auto email yet? I hope you reply back to this. :)