Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Craft Show

I love henna. Probably not a shocker, I know. This warm weather has made for an afternoon of sitting outside hennaing. I used a whole cone of henna in less than a week. I can't wait til summer. I expect I and every one in my family will have henna from head to toe.

Last Saturday was my first craft show...first time of ever hennaing for profit. I was really nervous, scared, and freaked out by the whole idea of having to decide upon a price for what I do. I spent the last couple weeks printing out pieces I've done to put in a binder; which included practicing several designs to get good pictures of them. I also had some business cards made. I had henna cones made up in the freezer from a couple months ago so all I had to do was remember to take them with me.
 It didn't take me long to get my area set up. I did a little henna on my while I waited for people to arrive.
 I love this tree. I think I may have gotten someone addicted to henna here. She is already talking about when she's having a henna party.

 Kenna is the nickname of this lady's daughter. She has wanted to get a real tattoo on her wrist...this was a good test to see if she'd like it.

I did this sun on my cousin who came out to support me. This was my inspiration.

Over all I think I did well. Hennaed a few people but more importantly I have the first show/party out of the way.

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